citybank personal loans
citybank personal loans

How to Get Citibank Personal Loan With 650 fico score

You really want to get a personal loan? a large personal loan from citibank personal loan with lowest fico score right!? this is an interesting topic. i guarantee you will learn a lot of stuff. i want to speak to you about how to get a large personal loan from citibank with low or fair fico.

Citibank Personal Loan
Citibank Personal Loan

The first thing you need to do is, you need to understand citibank loans. because city is a big player. there are big national financial. and they offer a constellation of loans. okay, so when we speak about citibank personal loans. you need to understand what we are really talking about. so whether you are ready to consolidate your debt. finance a home project or let’s say fund a major milestone a fixed rate.

Citibank Personal Loan Requirements

Personal loan from citibank can help you put all those plans into action. and as a matter of fact it doesn’t matter even if you have a lowest fico score as low as a 550. you can still qualify. what are the features of the loans. here loan amounts from $2.000 all the way to $30.000 high amounts up to $100.000 are possible. but you must do everything at a branch.

You must apply at a branch. if you want an amount that is lower than 30 grain. you can do things online no problem fixed. APRS oscillates from 7.99 percent to 23.99 apr now. if you have a low fico score. chances are you’re going to get a double digit APR .that’s just how the game is played. okay, you will receive a lump sum payout of your loan once approved. a check will be mailed to you within five business days.

You can also request to have the money deposited directly into your city account, if you have an account or wired to a another bank account. and you can repay your loan over 12 24 36 48 or 60 months. that’s one thing we love with the citibank personal loan. they are kind of flexible when it comes to the repayment term. it can be one year, two years, three years, four years, or five years. and the benefits of this kind of loan is that you have predictable monthly payments. you have quick access to your funds.

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You have a very simple application process in the last three to five years. Citibank has actually revamped the whole application process. made it more “i would say” user friendly. you can set up monthly payments with auto deduct at time of origination. so that you can qualify for a lower rate. and you can also invest the whole thing. Citibank will simplify the repayment process if you do an auto deduction from a city account or another bank account. and you can earn monthly thank you points when your loan is linked to an eligible checking account that is enrolled in citibank.

What are the requirements to get citybank personal loans?

First requirements to get citybank personal loans

First, Yearly income of at least ten thousand. five hundred dollars that’s gross income eligible citibank deposit account open for at least three months. you may have one other citibank personal loan open at time of application. as long as it has been open for at least six months. so you can apply online for loans thirty thousand dollars and under. and you can apply in person, if you need a larger amount or even for this kind of loan.

You can also find your nearest citiBANK branch. or you can call 1-877-362-9100 monday through sunday 9 a.m through 11 pm .

Step Two to get citybank personal loans

Number two, you need to meet the requirements. okay, so monthly income eight hundred and seventy five dollars minimum. that translates into ten thousand five hundred dollars on an annual basis. your fico minimum 545 for co-borrower is possible. this is a lowest fico score. so citi has no problem if you want to improve your chances of approval by having a co-signer or co-borrower. and MPR with citibank is not required, but highly recommended.

good fico credit score
good fico credit score

What is MPR? MPR is stands for multi-product relationship. you want to have a checking account, a savings account, investment accounts, the more city accounts you have the better. let me ask you a question. here decision time i want you talk to me. do you currently have banquet citybank?

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if yes, how many accounts you have with them? do you have a only a checking account, or a savings account, or more?

“What do you have”, this is gonna be very important. especially because if you have a low or a fair fico score. if your fico is skinny. you better have a fat checking account or a fat savings account. because besides those requirements, citibank also pays attention to other factors. for example, your DTI your debt to income ratio. this is actually a percentage and represent the portions of your gross monthly income that goes towards your monthly debt service.

Let me just break it down further, let’s say you want $10.000. oh, you want a ten thousand dollar loan right? and you’re making $30.000 a year. so your DTI here will be potentially 30 percent. it’s not that high, and not that low. that’s kind of good. assuming that this is the only loan you have. the reason is that, citibank will look at lenders want you to have a DTI of 36 or less. okay, remember that to find the the DTI you’re not just dividing the loan amount to your monthly income to your annual income.

It’s not the loan amount, it’s the loan payments. here i was just trying to simplify things and explain to you. how you got to look at things okay. and so beside that, you want to also be an adult. so you got to be at least 18 years or 21. depending on the state where you live. you need to have a driver’s license, or other issued id. passport will also work. and citybank might want to verify your income through your pay stubs, your returns, your tax returns, your w-2s and 1099’s, your bank statements, or in some cases your employer contact information..

Step Three to get citybank personal loans

The third thing you need to do, if you want to get a large personal loan from citibank with a low or fair fico. you need to check your credit score. i cannot tell you how important that is. you know, the funny thing is a lot of people believe “oh you know, i have a bad credit score, you know i have a poor fico“.

But how do you know when was the last time you check your fico score six months ago, or one year ago. well guess what that’s just too far away. you got to really check your credit score every month, or every quarter. this should be part of your personal finance strategy.

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Let me ask you a question, big decision time. i want you to talk to me right now! do you know that you could actually access your credit score for free at least once a year? did you know that there is a website called and by law, you can have a free copy of your credit report from each of the three major credit reporting agencies once a year.

Go to or you can call toll-free 1-877-322-8228. the number again is 1-877-322-8228.

So you have no excuse not to do it. it’s all about information. remember, folks information is power! right? so do it right now. if you don’t want to do it, you have other ways of getting your credit report for free. you can sign up for services such as a wallet hub, nerd wallet, credit karma. the only thing is those players . they want to have your information. and then they are just trying to sell you other stuff afterwards.

But as long as you’re okay with that, that’s fine. it’s important to have an idea of your credit score. so if there are mistakes or issues with your data you can you can fix it asap. right, if somebody is just playing around with your name or identity. but, if you have been a victim of identity theft you can fix it. you can write a dispute letter to the experience equifax and transunion. and ask them to fix that. or if there is a outdated data whatever it is.

Remember that! fico scores are comprised of five components that have associated weights your payment history. 35 percent amounts owed, 30 percent the length of credit history, 15 how many types of credit you have in use, and account inquiries 10 percent.

Step Four to get citybank personal loans

Step number four. if your goal is to get a large a massive personal loan from citibank with low or fair credit. you need to banquet citibank. you know the funny thing is ,we hear this all the time. sometimes, some viewers criticize us for talking about banking with a financial institution. if you want to get a loan from them it is so funny because those people just don’t know how to get it.

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