chase ink business cash card
chase ink business cash card

Get APPROVED For Your 1st Chase ink Business Cash Card

Most important Things to getting approved on my first try for my first business card.

Chase ink Business Cash Card
Chase ink Business Cash Card

First Things to Getting Approved Your First Chase ink Business Cash Card

This is the next article for How To Get Approved For A New Business Credit Card With 0 Revenue. You’re gonna obviously need a business but when a lot of people hear this, they start to turn away from business credit cards. because they’re under the impression.

That they need to be in charge of some sort of big giant business that generates a ton of revenue in order to qualify for business credit card. however just keep in mind that the definition of a business is pretty broad. a business is really just an individual or a group of people that produce goods or services in the pursuit of profits. and i think that most people out there can find some sort of side hustle that they have in their life.

Whether it’s a big one that generates a hundred thousand dollars plus in annual revenue. or a smaller one generating less than five thousand dollars in revenue. you can find something out there that you can use to qualify for. and then apply for a business credit card. maybe you’re an uber driver that’s earning some extra cash in your free time on the weekends. or maybe you’re creating some custom jewelry and then selling that on etsy.

Whatever it, may be just identify something in your life that earns you a little bit of extra income. because that could be used to qualify you for a Chase ink Business Cash Card . and that card could be the thing that earns you the extra travel points that books your next vacation for free.

Second Things to Getting Approved Your First Chase ink Business Cash Card

The second thing that you need to have is a good personal credit score. and for that i recommend a score of at least 700. but ideally higher if possible. when i click submit on the application page for my inc cash card, i had a personal credit score that was in the high 700s. and i think that that really helped. chase approving me for that card that along with the fact that, i also had three personal cards with chase also probably helped. that’s a nice little bonus tip there develop a pre-existing relationship with the bank. That you’re trying to use to apply for your first business card.

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Thirds Things to Getting Approved Your First Chase ink Business Cash Card

And the third thing is to be persistent and proactive when applying. i wasn’t instantly approved for the ink cash card like i was for my three other personal chase cards, but i decided that i was going to take a proactive approach by reaching out to chase over the phone to try to provide any additional information if possible. because i had nothing to hide, my business was legitimate and it was going to be producing revenue very soon.

So i was trying to just increase their comfort. with approving me now, i will say that i created an LLC for my business. and i got an EIN which is basically like a social security number but for your business, for tax purposes. and i think that really helps to legitimize your business and the application process as well. it’s super easy to form an LLC in whatever state that you live in.

EIN number ofr credit card approved
EIN number

You just have to google and do a little bit of research. or you can use a service like zen business which is what i did. but it’s pretty straightforward and you could just do it yourself, but you could also just apply for a business credit card as yourself. because by default without being a separate entity, you’re gonna be what’s called a sole proprietor. and if you’re a sole proprietor, you can fill out your business credit card application using your social security number. you just might have to wait a little bit longer to get approved. you might have to answer a few more questions.

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But it’s still a legitimate way to get approved for a business card. because again, if you have a legitimate business no matter how big or how small and you really have nothing to hide in. the application process will be easy. so with all that out of the way. let me go through my entire application process. that took maybe about a week and a half from beginning to end.

How I Get My Chase ink Business Cash Card Approve with my $0 Revenue

So Daniel Braun actually found this interesting flow chart on reddit. and he’ll link it down below in her video. if you want to go check it out for yourself. but i used this as a reference to figure out what to do next after each step first i applied. around four o’clock in the afternoon on a friday and i got an email saying that they would let me know about a decision within 30 days of that application.

I waited about an hour until five o’clock and then i called chase. so i could speak to a rep where they told me that i would wait one to two weeks before they came to a decision. but they also said that i could call back within the next 24 to 48 hours. to see if there was anything updated about my application status. so i waited two days and called chase back, but they told me that nothing had changed. and then, i got an email asking for me to upload a few documents within the application.

LLC Proof for credit cards
LLC Proof for credit cards

So i had to upload a certificate of organization for my LLC proof of my EIN number. and then proof of my current address. so i decided to go ahead and upload all of those items right away. after about six days, i called chase once again to see if there’s anything else that i could do to push that application. along i explained that i had applied for my first chase business credit card last week.

And i also emphasized the fact, that i was a long time chase customer with three personal chase credit cards. and i was happy to provide any further details about my business that would help with my application process.

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They transferred me from number to number across a few different departments. but eventually i landed with somebody who told me, that they had all the documents that i uploaded. they were still reviewing the application and would let me know of a decision within one week to 10 days. so going off of that flow chart again, that i found off of reddit.

It seemed like with that message i should try calling the chase reconsideration line. because i was worried that my chase ink business cash card application was at risk of being denied by their system. there’s a few different reconsideration line numbers out there. so if you ever need to call them for this, do a quick google search. you’ll be able to find the right number for you but when i was connected with somebody from the reconsideration line, they were actually very helpful.

He also confirmed that chase had my application as well as all the documents they needed. so i was going to receive a decision within the next few days. as they just continued to verify the application.

But i could call back within the next 24 to 48 hours to check again. now i don’t know if this is exactly what helped me. but my thinking is that by calling the reconsideration line. it ended up pushing my application out in front of a real person. instead of leaving the decision up to an automated system.

chase ink business cash card
chase ink business cash card

But whatever i did, it must have helped. because later on that day, i got that approval email. and i was so excited to see that i really didn’t have to answer any further questions. after i clicked the submit button on my application. so, i think that everything that i talked about previously in this Article really helped me out in some way.

So to summarize, business credit cards have a ton of advantages. and can open up a world of opportunities for more points and more benefits from your credit cards. and if you want to start getting business credit cards but you’re nervous about the approval process for your first one. just follow along with some of the steps of the advice that i talked about in this article.

Especially if you’re gonna be applying with chase ink business cash card. remember that if you have a real business, no matter how big or how small. you can qualify for a business credit card well. i hope this article was useful to anyone that’s still reading. i hope that you have a great day.

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