chase refer credit card
chase refer credit card

How To Get Approved For A New Business Credit Card With 0 Revenue

Easiest Business Credit Card to Get Approved

chase refer credit card business
chase refer credit card business

I’m going to give you a full overview of how to get approved for your first New Business Credit Card using chase refer credit card. by talking about my experience of recently being approved for my first business credit card.

Now the cool part about being approved for this chase refer credit card was that my new busines. that this card is for which is this youtube channel was actually generating zero dollars in revenue at the time. that i was approved for this card. and it was actually a pretty easy process. so i’m gonna go over that entire process. that way you could take some similar steps to what i did. because i think that anybody can be approved for a business credit card.

Important thing for chase refer credit card

Before we talk about getting approved. i think we need to talk about why exactly you might consider getting a business credit card using chase refer credit card. for your new business? in the first place the first reason is a pretty obvious reason. and that is the fact that there are really high bonuses that are typically offered on business credit cards. now these welcome bonuses are usually pretty big. because credit card companies are trying to incentivize business owners to use their credit cards.

New Business Credit Card approval
business credit card approval

For the many expenses that a business. is likely to have so when you start getting approved for business credit cards.

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is likely to have so when you start getting approved for business credit cards using chase refer credit card. you’re opening up a whole new door to earn a ton of points for travel or cashback and another thing with these cards and their bonuses. is that a lot of times there are business versions of personal credit cards that you might be more familiar, with so for example there’s a personal version of the amex gold and the amex platinum. and then there’s also business versions of those two cards with slightly different benefits.

What Benefit by Using New Business Credit Card?

Since these business cards and personal cards are different products. you’re eligible to get the welcome bonus for both of them. okay so another reason why people like to get New Business Credit Card is to make their lives a little bit easier by separating their business and their personal. expenses a good practice when you have a business is to put all of your business expenses on your business credit cards. and then all of your personal expenses on your personal credit cards. to simplify things at the end of the year for things like taxes.

Now you can technically use your new business credit cards to pay for personal expenses. if you want to and that’s what i’m actually doing right now with my ink cash card. and i’ll explain why in just a minute here. but generally i recommend that you do use your business credit cards for what they’re actually intended for a third nice advantage of business credit cards. or at least most business credit cards is that they don’t show up on your personal credit report.

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chase southwest credit card
chase southwest credit card

I say most of them because certain new business credit cards from companies like capital one, discover, or american express business pre approval do get reported to consumer credit bureaus in addition to commercial credit bureaus as of right now. so that’s just something to be aware of but the majority of business cards out there do not affect your personal credit report. even though you’ll likely get hit with a hard inquiry when you do apply for a business card. just because those credit card companies are going to check you personally to make sure that you’re trustworthy enough with credit.

And that is going to be a hard inquiry that affects your credit score just a little bit. it might make it decrease by just a few points in the short term that’ll wear off pretty quickly. and it’s really no big deal now for me. personally i wanted to start getting into business credit cards, because i knew that i was going to be buying some new equipment for my youtube channel.

So i wanted to put that spending on a new business credit card. first of all keep it separate from my personal expenses, but also to put that spending towards earning a welcome bonus on a new card. that way i can earn a solid amount of points that i could put towards travel. now, i’ll do a full review the chase ink business cash in the near future. and explain exactly why i chose this specific card as my first new business credit card. but basically i’m under the chase 524 rule at the moment.

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I wanted to take advantage of that. and focus on some chase personal and business cards. and in case you didn’t know you need to be under the chase 524 rule in order to be approved for a new chase business credit card. but that new card won’t actually count towards your 524 status. since it’s not showing up on your personal credit report, the welcome bonus on the in cash is 75.000 chase ultimate rewards points which is really nice. but that comes after a large amount of minimum spend which is $7.500 in the first three months.

Now since that’s a lot of money and i knew i wasn’t going to be spending that much on business. expenses in those first three months. i’ve been using the card for my combined personal and business spending. until i hit that $7.500 requirement and then, i’ll switch over to just using this card for business expenses.

All right, so now on to the main purpose of this Article. which is to help anybody out there get approved for their first new business credit card by talking about my experience.

Now i documented everything that i did. with this application on the notes app on my phone. so i’m going to write off those notes to you on the article “Getting Approved Your First Chase ink Business Cash Card” .

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