Passive Income ROI with VVS Finance CRO VVS

Passive Income ROI with VVS Finance & CRO VVS

Today we’ll talk about bbs finance and chronos aka aka, crow coin, as I like to call it, because today I got some exciting news.

I staked some, I staked some. So now we are getting passive income on a crypto that can go absolutely massive and especially with vvs finance that they can go 100x easily.

Why VVS Finance or CRO VVS

Today we had a focus on passive income. Now, of course, you could buy vvs finance.

Of course, you could buy and you could wait for it to go up, but you could also earn dvs finance By they can send your crypto. com or staking your vvs finance with different liquidity pairs and that can earn you a lot of money now understand that.

There’s different liquidity pairs to have different return on interest based on different aprs. But if I give you a quick example right here on vvs finance for the crow dvs, when the apr does change at times. But if you type in a certain amount, we’re just typing a hundred dollars and It says for a year the return on interest at current rates – that’s 73, 125 dollars to 86 cents.

That’s a crazy, crazy amount of returns to have on a hundred dollars. Now, i’m not saying that’s a guarantee, because those rates can change and they likely will at certain times but, like I said, lower risk high reward. That is a very, very low risk for a potentially high high reward.

crypto vvs finance
crypto vvs finance

Now. The Thing I also like about vvs finance is, if you do want to stake, um and earn some crypto earn some vvs on vvs finance. You can connect your wallet, you can either use meta mask or you can use d5 wallet, which I know a lot of y’all are using crypto. com.

Now, if you don’t have um, you can use my referral link in the uh description below and you can earn 25. By using that Link, I can earn 25. You could put that towards dvs finance.

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You could put that towards crypto. com or whatever. However, you want to use it, but you’ll get a jumpstart.

If you don’t want to use it, so go ahead, hit that link down below and we can both benefit and get started and even earn some more crypto as well. That’s a very good thing now. I also want to show you all the aka chronos, okay, a crow coin Chart, and yesterday I was telling y’all that we had two days of consolidation on the daily chart. Two inside bars right there I said if it breaks above that’d, be bullish,

Three Stock Method

But if it breaks below that could be bearish, but at the same time it appears that we have almost a rising three stock method. Now, if you don’t know what the rising three stock method is, when you have a one good green Candle and you pretty much get like three or four uh, slowly, red kennels, coming down i’ll put a picture so y’all can see and then on the on the Next day, the following day, eventually you’ll get a nice sized green kettle.

That would definitely confirm that which would be more so of a bullish pattern, because i’ve been telling you that we have been consolidating on the daily chart. It does still look good, so I figured you know what It’s a good time for me to buy some crypto. com uh stake it for some vvs and try to earn some more passive income.

While it’s in this fluctuating time period, why it’s picking a direction to go! I can still be earning you can still be earning, but make no mistake. I am no financial advisor, but I also do want to show you all the weekly chart as well to because you know when you’re in doubt what they say zoom out and if you look at the weekly chart as well. You will see That we still have an inside bar on the weekly and if we get a break above, that is still very bullish.

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But the week before that, with that green candle with that large wick does uh is bit a bit concerning, because that was a lot of selling pressure. But if we can break through that selling pressure, then you know we’re off to the races we off to the moon and there’s no telling how much higher we can go once we break that, Because we’ve already seen 99 cents, we’ve already seen nearly a dollar. So that’s a very, very, very good sign now also we want to keep looking at the price of evs finance as well.

If you look at it right now, it’s at . 00128 uh not too far. While I got in for two about the other day, i’m always looking at opportunities to add this, i’m still comfortable, adding it at this level um, but i’m also accepting of the risk that It can drop lower below 10 below 11.

I wouldn’t be surprised if that happened, because I know how volatile it is and then, like I said, these a 20 drop at these levels. Isn’t that much because it’s very very cheap. You know what i’m saying like you’re getting millions and you can get millions and millions of coins at this level, so don’t even sweat it, because if it does knock away some of these zeroes we’re going to Be in a very, very good position.

We’re going to be in a very good spot now also, like I always say it’s also important – to pay attention to the rest of the market as well. Bitcoin ethereum see what they’re doing bitcoin is still it’s still under that 57. .

It’s still under 60, 000. Right now, in that 57 000 range ethereum has been pumping up some strong. So those are some good signs that it’s not going towards 40 000, 45, 000 um And before you know it man, we could be back in a very bullish, bullish, crypto market and we’ll already be in the game on already be in the game.

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so if you do want to know how to uh stake, vva and stake crypto and earn vvs finance uh, and you want a tutorial – let us know down below in the comment section if you have any questions, feel free to answer. Ask them uh.

If I don’t answer them, somebody else may answer Them as well. Like I said we are building a community over here people to share knowledge with our crypto uh stocks options, everything we can to make this money and make our lives easier. But there is a lot going on, especially in the cryptocurrency market right now, and I am trying to keep y’all posting i’m trying to keep y’all up to date, and I know that vvs is hot.

With these uh returns that they’re they’re giving out on this staking. I mean I stakes up today And i’ve got at least a few thousand of dvs like very very quickly. So it’s that’s a very good sign.

You have to think about it like this um. If this thing knocks down some zeros, those dvs will be worth a lot. Very very you know they will be worth a lot.

They will be worth a lot, so it’s better to get started in early, because you have to understand this right. The earlier you are the better at doing something you know if you’re early in Crypto is going to pay off. If your early is taking something good, it’s going to pay off.

If you’re early on nfts it’s going to pay off when you’re early, the better. It is, and I am fond of evs I am finding pro coin and i’m just continue to keep y’all updated and looking at these opportunities to take advantage.

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