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Offering for A Single Finance on The VVS Finance Platform

VVS Finance – Today, i’m here to talk to you about vvs finance and a unique opportunity to participate in the initial gym, offering for a single finance on the vvs finance platform. Now, before we get into all of that, if you’re new to the blog you like stocks, you like crypto, you like making money, you like passive income, be sure to like the post. and I also want to thank Everybody all my subscribers out there, because we just hit 1300 subscribers, so big shout out to everybody, who’s been watching the videos and rocking with me, along in this journey, now check this out.


VVS Finance IGO

We have, under five days remaining before the igo for single finance starts now. One of the main reasons I would like to participate in this finance and the single finance IGO is because for one I do like the idea behind single Finance. Now, if you go to the twitter and you can click the link in the twitter and go to single finances website, they are a yield earning platform offering strategies that can help protect your capital by minimizing your impermanent loss and they have different strategies that are automated.

That can help you, if you’re investing in cryptocurrencies earning yield, and then staking certain cryptos. So that’s a very good space, in my Opinion, to be in because yield farming is becoming more popular as more people start to find out about it as more people start to actually understand proof of stake. You know and proof of stake.

Like I said, i’ve been in my vvs finance yield farming and my mind’s earning passive income, so for me to enter this makes a lot of sense, because i’ve been getting the vvs passively and all I will need to enter is about 10 million bvs to participate In the igo for the gym fair now, if you go to uh, crypto. com you’ll see that 10 million bvs right now costs 411 right now.

VVS Token Prediction

right now, at the current price we’ve seen vvs finance come down in price, pretty dramatically almost at the peaks of it when It first dropped. It was at about point zero, zero, zero fifteen like over here in this range over here you can see when it first like I said when it first uh came out and people started First buying it.

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It had that initial run up. It was up here, then it sold off now it’s at a much uh, more uh, lovely price, now understand that, even though it’s still down uh the market cap for a vbs finance is still relatively low. We’re still looking at about a 90 billion dollar market cap.

vvs finance offering gem
vvs finance offering gem

So that has a ton of room, not 90 billion – i’m sorry, 91 million 91 million. Let me clarify that now we have a ton of room to even get to a billion at this point, for us to even Get to a billion would be a 10x from these levels, and it is still very very early in the process. Now, if you combine that with single finance, which is even earlier in its process, if these coins decide to take off and run when the market gets bullish, when the market is green, they can have some very very sizable returns.

So right now, even though a lot of cryptos are down, this is a very good opportunity to get in Or be looking for opportunities to get in at some of your favorite cryptos at a much lower price. Now, as we can see, we can go to cryptocurrencies and look at them all as a total bitcoin is having a bit of a bounce. It hit a major support level.

It’s important to follow to see what bitcoin theme is doing, because a lot of the crypto market is following that. So therefore, vvs finance has bounced up a little bit as well, but it is still currently in a Downtrend until it shows is a strong reversal. It’s just having to bounce off these support levels down here from this low 40 000, a low 30 up higher 39 thousand dollar range.

VVS farming

It’s having a little bit of a bounce right there, but like like with that being said, vvs finance itself is still at a pretty. You know, in my opinion, it’s still volatile, don’t get me wrong, it gets the price could still go down, but the lower The price drops, the higher the multiples of gains. You could potentially get that’s just because this thing is that cheap, so understand that volatility comes with this and that can come with single finance as well, but the platform has definitely been growing right before our eyes, as the price has come down as it’s decreased.

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The the platform itself of vvs finance has grown exponentially. So i’m definitely looking forward to Participating in this igo to try to get some single finance to try to add that to the portfolio as well, and even if you, like, other cryptocurrencies, definitely pitches into that. And, like I said, we never go, i’m always listening to y’all the farms and keep you updated on that now.

Another thing to keep in mind with vbs finance, crow dash, vvs foreign aprs, have been dropping 723. I still think that’s very good , but definitely not as high As it once was. It was extremely high at one point, but you know as that stabilizes.

vvs finance new listing
vvs finance new listing

Hopefully, the price of the coin stabilizes as less people more people will be earning less vvs in their farming and mining pools. Now, of course, you want to earn as much as we can, but if the price can stabilize and if you’re not getting those massive drops, then that’s good as well. Uh the vvs usdt Farm is still at about 192, almost 200.

I still think that’s a good one. One of my favorite ones right there seeing is how the usdt is a stable coin. So you don’t have to really account for that coin.

Dropping as much because it’s going to stay pegged to a dollar, but only a dvs drops then it’ll kind of hurt that a little bit, but in the meantime it’s still earning vvs passively. I have my uh vvs staked in these farms, but in order To participate in the uh single finance igo, you need to put 10 million in out in the mine. You need to put 10 means in the mines and that that could be a bit much, but if you think about it from this perspective, it’s at a discount.

You know, even when you know, even when the crypto is up and people are making money. That’s a good time, but when it’s down that’s the time to take advantage, that’s the time to go In there strike add to your positions at key support levels. Don’t just be buying falling knifes.

That’s not what i’m saying because make no mistake. I am no financial advisor, but I do see opportunities when cryptos are going up in momentum and when they’re coming down when they’re coming down is a good time to add to some of your longer positions to get things for a cheaper price. It’s a discount.

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It’s a sale now, if you know something about discounts and sales, they Don’t last forever, they don’t last forever. So I am thoroughly excited to participate in this igo thoroughly excited to add some more vvs, even at this level, because you know like I said it doesn’t really have a just a super solid support level.

Seeing this, how it’s still a relatively new coin, vvs itself is still a relatively new coin, but the fact that it’s still even cheaper than it was Back in november and even december, and you know if it goes even lower, like the more I can get for The cheaper price, the better it is for me, it’s that simple I mean, even if you want to get only a million.

You know this is 10 million, but even only a million would only be 40 bucks. So that’s hey! You can get a million for 40 bucks, even if you don’t want to stake for single finance at the initial gym, offering a million vvs finance is only 40 bucks. Very, very that’s very versatile.

That’s a lot! That’s a lot! That’s a lot now, of course, as you go through the roadmap, people want to see some of these coins be burned and all that, but we’ll get through all that later. That’s that’s later down the line. Well, I can hopefully see some of that, but for right now, i’m still bullish on bvs finance long Term.

I still like the updates that we have uh. Single finance is very interesting. The whole finance, space and cryptocurrency is still kind of early, and it can really definitely definitely boom, especially with this yield.

Farming thing is definitely going to become much more popularized as more people started to catch on. I still think that, even though yo farming would definitely got some popularity last year, a lot of People are still not aware of how easy it is to just go, buy some crypto and then put it on one of these platforms like dvs finance and then just Be earning passive income like that and with single finance, helping people protect their losses. That would be good for a lot of people who are new to this space as well so.

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