Credit Cards for Gas
Credit Cards for Gas

Best Credit Cards for Gas 2022

What’s up guys luke here from luke’s points and miles, and today I wanted to do a shorter post about Credit Cards for Gas. I just filled up my jeep and I noticed that it did cost a little more than i’m used to in the last couple years, and I kind of did some research and today’s triple a average price of gas per gallon is three dollars and 41 cents.

Credit Cards for Gas
Credit Cards for Gas

Now it looks like Days of the dollar ninety and two dollars a gallon gas are in the rearview mirror, even if 3. 41 cents a gallon, sounds like a lot. The average price for a gallon of gas in california is 4.70.

so I know a lot of us. Don’t drive as much as we used to, but for the large majority of us we drive, we spend money on gas now I do realize that the amount of money we spend on gas Compared to other utilities or food or different things in our daily lives, is Pretty minimal, so is it important enough to have a credit card just for your gas? Well, i’m not sure. Let’s talk about it, I did some quick research and I found five cards that I thought were probably the best for gas stations.

Some of them are not quite mainstream, and some of them are. But if you are someone who is interested in having a card for every category, then you probably have a dedicated gas card, or at least you have something that gets two or three percent at gas. In this list I wanted to get five percent cash back or five percent back on gas.

List of Credit Cards for Gas

I came close with most of them, so we will just take a look if it’s your first time with us, we talk about credit cards, points, cash back miles and travel. If you’re interested in That sort of thing, please hit the subscribe button, we are a small growing channel and I am promising bigger and better things in the future. So if you want to stay up to date, hit the subscribe button and click on the notification button.

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usaa cashback rewards

First card on our list of Credit Cards for Gas. Right now is the usaa cashback rewards, plus american express card.

Now I do realize that not everyone is eligible to become a member of usaa, but they do have a couple decent cards and if you’re interested in eligibility see their website, it’s probably not as exclusive as you think it is. This card has no annual fee and it gets five percent cash back at gas stations up to Three thousand dollars now, for a lot of us three thousand dollars a year is plenty for gas.

If you have a two or three car family, if you have teenagers driving and a big commute, it’s probably not enough, but five percent cash back on gas, pretty good deal next card up.

PNC Bank

Pnc bank, the pnc cash rewards visa gets you four percent cash back at gas stations. This card also has a zero annual fee and those gas Purchases are up to eight thousand dollars annually, pretty good cash back four percent, and I do think that people do generally have positive reviews of pnc bank as a bank. Next up, we have our outlier.

This is our only business card and our only card that earns points instead of cash back. This is the american express business gold card. It has the opportunity to earn four Times.

Amex Business Gold

Membership rewards points on gas. Remember with the american express business gold card, you earn four times points on your top two categories. So if you are spending loads on gas, this could be a very good option for you.

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It comes with a 295 dollar premium. Annual fee lots more options if you’re interested in that check out our video review of the american express business gold card number four on this list, and these are In no particular order because I happen to think this.

City Custom cash card

One may be your best bet out of all of them is the fairly new city Custom cash card has no annual fee and it earns five percent cash back on your highest spending in a list of categories up to 500 a month. One of those categories is gas stations. To me this is a no-brainer.

It is a fairly easy card to get. You can also product change, another city card to get this one No annual fee, and it does have a nice little bonus. So this is probably my top card for gas.

If you are looking for a dedicated gas card, it’s also one of those cards where you’re getting five percent cash back in your highest category of spend and only one percent on everything else. So this would actually be a dedicated gas card. You probably wouldn’t use it for anything else and last on the list, is the usbank altitude connect visa? I like this card.

USbank altitude connect visa

It is four times points which is basically four percent cash back at gas stations. The card has a zero annual fee in the first year and after that it does have a 95 annual fee. I do like the us bank cards and I think this one could be worth the annual fee.

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Your mileage may vary. You’ll want to do your research and see if it is actually worth it. So do me a favor, please comment below tell me what you Guys are using for gas right now.

There are a lot of other good options. I didn’t want to put any cards with rotating categories in the list because for a lot of people, that is a little bit too much to worry about. I wanted to talk about dedicated gas cards year round, but please tell me what you are using for gas and what are you getting? Are you getting three times points three times cash back, two very interested to know,

Because I Don’t think gas is going to get any cheaper anytime soon, also guys, we highly recommend you use a shopping portal, especially right now, with the holidays, quickly approaching our preferred shopping Portal is racketon, you can get tons of cash back and you can also earn american express membership, rewards points in lieu of cashback.

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