pulse chain sacrifice
pulse chain sacrifice

1st Best Pulse Chain Sacrifice Phase & Strategies

pulse chain sacrifice
pulse chain sacrifice

PulseChain Scenario One

One the initial price for pulse chain starts significantly higher than day one, through five’s saks. the buy pressure severely outweighs those selling immediately for quick profits. driving up the price quickly seeing such massive movements. and gains short term players may look to cash in on the quick profits. or long-term players believing this same scenario will take place, will sell off a portion of their bag.

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this may cause a quick panic of other weak handed individuals. as the price dips, and they look to liquidate in order to secure their profits. before it dips lower by 60 and up to maybe 95 percent from its launch price. and that would be throughout a short cycle of month two, or maybe three months in this situation. it may take some time if you bought in on day one of launch. to watch a value slip away before recovering later down the road to just break even again. we’ve seen this action happen countless of times after new projects launched.

The key differentiating part from all other projects that i’ve personally researched is, that the people are still sacrificing at a hundred times or more from the initial sacrifice days. and that richard heart’s track record of getting into bitcoin back. when he was buying 50 coins per block and hex doing over 10 000 acts in the first two years. provides confidence to pulse investors. that this project has truly amazing long-term potential.

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PulseChain Scenario Two

let’s go into scenario two. now the vast majority of people understand well enough the price potential of the coin and don’t want to let it go. they take full advantage of the staking mechanisms early on, to avoid the crazy volatility expected within the first few months. to avoid making any trades with a further limited supply. we may see a massive influx in price shortly after launch. but then when the price starts correcting, pulse will still find significantly higher lines of support compared to its launch price from there.


Pulse chain continues through its cycles of bull runs pullbacks corrections, and continuously hold higher lines of support. as majority of people decide to stake and earn interest on their coins. rather than keeping them . so the launch price may be the only time that paul sees those prices again. now personally, i believe scenario one is more likely to occur.

As a psychological mindset, of average people in this market will collect quick profits causes during the space crumble. other weak hands on the post-launch dip. and leave the system with those only looking at the long-term potential. as we’ve seen after many new projects as pointed out earlier, of the key differentiating factors of people still sacrificing at 100x the price and richard’s track record. i can realistically see the chart doing something new too.

Pulse Chain Buying Strategies

So what is my buy-in strategy for pulse given these two situations. So to understand why my strategy is optimal in my mind, it’s important to understand a few key variables that may differ from your situation. First, i’ve already sacrificed a substantial amount through days one through five that if i don’t buy more pulse after launch. I’m completely satisfied with my current position. Second, i have a substantial amount of my portfolio in hex with majority staked in a ladder for the next one to 15 years.

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Third, i am cash flow positive coming in from multiple sources giving me the freedom to invest more. And lastly i like to invest long term not for short term profits. So with those factors in mind my optimal solution for my situation is to simply do a moving price average on buy-ins from the delegated amount of money i have set. Aside my plan has used roughly 20 of that pot to buy an immediately at launch.

Then the remaining 80 will be divided up into weekly buy-ins at pulse chain current price over the next two months. Regardless if i’m able to buy the absolute lows or 10, 50 or even 100x higher than those initial sacrifice prices, i will still be happy with my moving average of that and the extra pulse coins.

Regardless of the buy-in prices as i plan on keeping all my pulse chain for essentially decades and utilizing the liquid loan protocol when i’m looking to take money out. So in terms of bitcoin just for reference that would be at prices of five dollars 25 and 50 respectively. So in the grand scheme of things zooming out and looking long-term can put things in incredible perspective and why i would still be happy paying 100 times the initial price.

That’s where the price lies that week in my moving buy-ins. I hope i was able to help you guys understand some potential price situations and how i plan on handling the crazy volatility expected post launch. If you have a long term plan, write it down. Don’t lose your faith early and miss out on the new prosperity to come.

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I’d love to hear it all and i’m always happy to provide further clarification. If you have any questions, don’t forget to contact me.

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