Best PulseChain Buy in Strategy 2022

Today we’re going to dive into some strategies for buying polls by going through a few PulseChain scenarios of what might happen. so you could be most prepared to get in at the right time. it’s important to note that, this is not financial advice whatsoever, but more of an insight of my strategy at pulse chains launch. on how i plan on buying more pulse. based on what i’ve seen in the crypto sphere. and the psychology of people in this market.



Important Things to Consider When Buying Pulsechain

Everyone’s financial situations are different, and there are hundreds of variables in your unique life that should have an influence on your decision. this educational content is to get you better equipped for what can happen after launch. to hopefully optimize your potential gains with that.

i’ll being said, let’s dive in with sacrifices still happening every day. the current rate is over 100x of price from days one through five. in the sacrifice phase, although pulse will technically launch with no value, the automated market makers and first transactions on pulse will determine its newly found price. i anticipate that this price will be much higher than the 0.00001 from initial sacrifices.

Join Community

but regardless of where the price starts, there is a massive community of people out there like pulsechain telegram. who have been anxiously waiting for the launch, and their opportunity to buy pulsechain between my friends and family alone. i know there’s hundreds of thousands of dollars that will be flooding in. and i’m only a small fish in this big pond of great youtubers. educating people on this opportunity, and any og hexacan or newly found poseidon, is surely informing anyone they care about of this amazing opportunity as well.

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with that kind of massive attention. right at launch, there will be incredible buy pressure across the market. as even those who have sacrificed like myself are looking to get bigger bags and pulls.

Observing the market

So, with this kind of buy pulsechain pressure. we need to take a look at who would be selling after launch, and providing liquidity. so where will the cell supply come from well, the only available supply will be in the hands of those who sacrifice. as an assumption, i would guess that a great portion of large investors are og hexicans. and those who have followed Richard Heart for a long time.

The other portion would be from those that have heard of the project, understands its incredible system, and value, and have taken a look at Richard Heart’s track record. to see that he has already created the top appreciating asset in the crypto sphere, within the first two years of hex’s launch.

So from what i assume, will be the absolute majority of those who have sacrificed, and controlling the supply, of how much pulsechain can be sold. i believe their mentalities better understand, that selling within the first year, or two would be like shooting themselves in the foot. as they would miss potential exponential profits from there.

With alternatives, such as staking their pulse to receive interest on it opposes selling during this time. and protocols like liquid loans, where you can vault your pulsechain 4 stable coins instead of selling. i truly foresee a very limited supply of pulse for sale that’s coming from primarily weak hands. that are happy with the relatively smaller returns, or collecting small profits in their journey, to have a better quality of life now, within that first year. so let’s jump into the first scenario to see how i believe this may play out. Read Here

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